Album Review: God Is In This House by KingsPorch

Christopher Watson
  • KingsPorch reflects the humble realities of this style of church in every aspect of this recording. It is a breath of fresh air. 
KingsPorch "God Is In This House"

KingsPorch from Nashville, with BEC Recordings out of Seattle, has released God Is In This House. KingsPorch comes from a home church movement in Austin TX, that informs their songwriting and their approach to worship. They reflect the humble realities of this style of church in every aspect of this recording. It is a breath of fresh air. 

Every song on this album is sung directly to God. Not about how one feels about God, or how God feels about us, or some tertiary point-of-view. It leads worshipers into a personal expression of praise. This is an element of solid worship composition that is often overlooked by many worship artists. Each song stays on point in theme and expression and stays focused on one unmistakable aspect of praise.

Music and Production

This is a worship album, unlike most worship albums out there. KingsPorch keeps the music accompaniment minimal (praise God!), with an acoustic flavor. They rely on a simple but interesting melody and strong lyrics to give the song interest, emotion, and depth. 

They recorded the album to parallel a home-church meeting, which is the worship tradition KingsPorch comes from. The recording is solid with no overproduction or over-orchestrated to impede the worship experience. It is an excellent example of what modern worship music can be.

KingsPorch Album Review

Worship Function and Accessibility

Any size church can use every song on this EP. There is no need for heavy production or instrumentation to make the songs work. Each offering relies on singable and memorable melodies to carry each song. The lyrics are focused and lead the individual, whether in a private or corporate setting, in praise to God. 

Biblical Faithfulness

The song Faithfull Still is a good example of the album’s biblical faithfulness. Although it does not lean on any specific scripture passages, it does refer to several biblical stories like Daniel in the lion’s den or God using David to slay the giant Goliath, among others. It also reflects the challenges many of us experience as seen in the lyric,

“You are faithful still. You have carried me through deeper water, walked beside me through the fire.” 

The song Maker of Heaven especially touched me with lyrics like,

“We’ve given up our hearts to so many idols, and sung so many hollow, empty songs. But Your kindness draws us into your presence.”

For those concerned with the modern church and the modern worship industry, this lyric resonates deeply. The chorus responds by saying, “Maker of heaven breathe on us, come Holy Spirit, show us your love, open our eyes to see all we need is you.” Let that be our prayer.

Final thoughts

This should be a standard for modern worship today. KingsPorch brings an offering that is set apart from what we often see from larger worship industry behemoths. It is spiritually focused and the songwriting is disciplined, accessible, and meaningful. And KingsPorch doesn’t fear going deep. Each piece is singable by the everyday Christian wanting to express praise to the Father, accessible for any level worship leader, and does not delve into questionable theology.  

KingsPorch Album Review - God


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