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Christopher Watson
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Cade Thompson has released his sophomore album, Empty Room. His personal evolution inspired the young Red Street Records artist over the past few years. He explains, “I started writing songs in my bedroom in middle school, and those were the moments that shaped my heartbeat of who I am today.” The theme of the album is about spending time with God. Cade says, “Empty Room expresses the power of spending time regularly with God in solitude, and in my case, in my own empty room.”

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The twelve-track album falls into the pop genre with the title track, Empty Room, having a welcome pop-rock feel. The two tracks that had the most impact on me were One Prayer Away and Arms of Jesus. 

One Prayer Away delves into an electronic-pop sphere. This ballad speaks of salvation and God’s grace. It drives home the point that salvation by grace creates a sure foundation that gives us a solid rock to stand on, regardless of our situation. 

This segways into, Arms of Jesus. With our feet fixed on the foundation of our salvation, this anthem compels believers to lean on Jesus. This is spelled out in the lyrics of the chorus, “Fall into the arms of Jesus, into the arms of grace. Hang onto his promises when it’s more than you can take.”

The chorus then expands on this theme with the exhortation for us to, “Fall into the arms of mercy, into the arms of strength, He holds your broken heart when your world is falling apart.”

Another track, Lost Without You, is an excellent example of something the worship industry should note. Cade takes simple but earth-shaking truths of God and puts them into an interesting melody that anyone can access. This musical recipe creates good eats for all.

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Final thoughts

According to Red Street Records CEO Jay DeMarcus, “He [Cade] continues to impress with his spiritual depth and talent at such a young age.” I think Cade does an excellent job of declaring the simple truths of God. I suspect Cade sees things with youthful eyes, uncluttered by much of the brick-a-brak of life. With his formidable musicality, he declares God’s truth in an energetic, youthful way. It’s effective and entertaining. I look forward to what comes next from Cade.


Great energy and musicality.


Would love to see Cade explore the more pop-rock feel he hints at in the title track.

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