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Brooke Ligertwood “Bless God”: A New Anthem for All Seasons

Brooke Ligertwood “Bless God”: A New Anthem for All Seasons

Lexi Fromm
  • Originally appearing as the opening track on Ligertwood's album EIGHT (Capitol CMG, Oct. 2023), "Bless God" now emerges with four additional versions, each offering unique interpretations of the song's profound message.
Brooke Ligertwood Bless God

Today marks the special release of “Bless God” by GRAMMY®-Award-winning songwriter, producer, and worship leader Brooke Ligertwood*. This rendition, featuring Passion, Brandon Lake, and Cody Carnes, was recorded live at Passion 2024, bringing a fresh and powerful dimension to an already beloved anthem.

Originally appearing as the opening track on Ligertwood’s album EIGHT (Capitol CMG, Oct. 2023), “Bless God” now emerges with four additional versions, each offering unique interpretations of the song’s profound message. The live rendition, accompanied by a stirring video, serves as the focal point of this special release.


A Song for the Church

“Bless God” is both a warmly invitational and declarative anthem. Brooke Ligertwood articulates the heart behind the song: “Whilst each song on EIGHT sits in its own lane, if the lane ‘Bless God’ sits in was adorned with garland and sign, it would say ‘This is for the Church.’” The song’s mission is to serve the Church through all of life’s seasons and circumstances.

Brooke Ligertwood HeadshotLigertwood elaborates on the importance of worship as a consistent practice: “The power of worship as a habit and a habitual posture cannot be understated. When life and circumstances twist us into all manner of positions, decisively aligning our gaze and confession with the truth of Christ and deliberately bringing Him thanks and praise is not only vital but an entrance to the joy of the Lord. In the field of plenty, the dark valley, when empty-handed, whether victorious or unraveling, blessing God is possible and powerful!”

Brooke Ligertwood: A Legacy of Worship

Brooke Ligertwood’s impact on worship music is profound and far-reaching. With a career spanning over two decades, she has written anthems that have become cornerstones of congregational worship worldwide. Her contributions include “What A Beautiful Name,” “King of Kings,” “A Thousand Hallelujahs,” and “Hosanna.” These songs, along with devotional favorites like “New Wine” and “None But Jesus,” have deeply resonated with believers across the globe, accumulating over 1.5 billion streams and translations into more than 15 languages.

In addition to her prolific output for the Church, Brooke Ligertwood has achieved notable success in the mainstream music industry under her maiden name, Brooke Fraser. Her dual career highlights her commitment to excellence in both sacred and secular spheres, exemplifying her belief that all of life is ministry for the follower of Christ.


Tracklist of “Bless God”

  1. Bless God (Live from Passion 2024) – Brooke Ligertwood, Passion, Brandon Lake, Cody Carnes
  2. Bless God / Every Chance I Get
  3. Bless God (Radio Version)
  4. Bless God (Acoustic Version)
  5. Bless God (Album Version)

About Brooke Ligertwood

Brooke Ligertwood is a Grammy Award-winning songwriter, producer, and worship leader, passionate about truth, art, humanity, and the Church. She has served the global church through her leadership and creativity with Hillsong Worship and her solo projects. Alongside her husband, Scott, and their two young daughters, Brooke resides in Orange County, California. Her dedication to the intersection of theology and art has resulted in a rich anthology of worship songs that continue to inspire and uplift the global Church.

In conclusion, Brooke Ligertwood’s release of “Bless God” stands as a beacon for the Church, providing a powerful tool for worship in every season. This special release, particularly the live rendition from Passion 2024, encapsulates the enduring and transformative power of worship.

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