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Marty Goetz on never forgetting 9/11

Marty Goetz on never forgetting 9/11

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Like every other American, I remember where I was when I saw, on TV, one of the towers of the World Trade Center on fire and witnessed the fireball which marked the second plane hitting the other tower.

‘We Will Never Forget’ is a song I wrote in collaboration with Dr. Mitch Glaser, head of Chosen People Ministries in New York City. On the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attack on our country, it is serving as a centerpiece of remembrance for 9/11.

I pray this song is an anthem, pulling together all of the imagery that comes to mind from that terrible day; yet, twenty years later, the Lord is calling us all to hope, and the freedom tower, which is referenced in the composition, tells us to look up, always remember, and never forget. God bless you, and may God give America His Shalom (His peace) today and every day.

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