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Album Review: “God is Good” by Cody Carnes

Album Review: “God is Good” by Cody Carnes

Christopher Watson
  • Following his sophomore studio album Run to the Father (2020), Cody Carnes comes out swinging with his first live album, God is Good (Live).
Album Review Cody Carnes God is Good

Following his sophomore studio album Run to the Father (2020), Cody Carnes comes out swinging with his first live album, God is Good (Live). Focused on God’s goodness, Cody offers scripture based hope, with reflections on God’s grace and love.

Over the twelve songs of this album, Cody uses ethereal CCM synth forward “Simple Kingdom” and “Our God Reigns (Psalm 47)”, soulful funk of “Ain’t Nobody”, and energetic four-on-the-floor of “I Take You at Your Word”. A high points is when Natalie Grant sings with Cody on the gospel explosion, “Good to Be Loved”.

Coming in at just under ten minutes, the opening track is full of energy and charisma. The lyrics, “You are good, in all things perfect, O I can trust your promise, I’ve never seen you turn away,” is a truth echoed throughout the rest of the album. Such a strong opener promises more to look forward.

Throughout the project, Cody testifies to God’s characteristic of goodness. The hope God’s goodness brings is needed in a time when many are feeling hopeless. Cody pulls many lyrics straight from the word like so many stalwart hymns of the past. This gives listeners a tool to experience scripture in an artful way. Cody and his wife, Kari Jobe, reflect this on “Forever and Amen”, one of the more heartfelt tracks in this offering.

Some songs may find their way into corporate worship, but probably not in an average sized church in America with limited resources. However, this album is a must have on the playlist. It’s compassion and heart make it a must listen to album.

The musicianship and production are effective, with no real instrumental standouts. Cody uses a standard, large worship team band. The mix is even and consistent, not impeding anything the musicians or vocalists are trying to accomplish. Overall, a good offering on the technical side of things.

Cody’s song writing is strong. He collaborates with a large cadre of musicians, but keeps his own artistic thread throughout. Most of the melodies are somewhat standard from style to style, but there are some standouts like “Good (Can’t Be Anything Else)”, and “Ain’t Nobody”. Cody makes a very strong showing with this album, a must have on your playlist.

More: All the tracts are solid. But some are truly special, bold, and full of energy that fuels the soul.

Less: It would be great to see what Cody would do with more creative instrumentation, beyond the standard worship team rhythm section and vocal cast.

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