Music Review | “That’s My God” By Tree of Life Worship

Randy Cross

What better way to celebrate your community’s 40th year as a church than a live album of worship from your worship leading collective? That’s what happened at Tree of Life church in New Braunfels, Texas, and the result is a cacophony of praise from a set-apart, diverse group of worshippers. 

Launching with powerful affirmation “That’s My God,” Tree of Life Worship weaves the exploration of our relationship with God through each consequential track. One moment is filled with reflective nuances of God’s faithfulness and then next you are cascaded into the upbeat praise of the God of the universe.

That’s My God is a great album for emulation. This a primer for those who wish to lead in Spirt and Truth, and an album that a church of any size can find a song to lead their people to the throne room. 

More: This is the total worship package for those seeking an opportunity to praise in a small group or translate the songs into the larger congregational setting.

Less: Nothing. Great Job. Beautiful project about our beautiful God.

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