The Revelation of Jesus: Tribulation – A Journey Through the Book of Revelation with David and Nicole Binion

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The compelling story of the Book of Revelation continues to unfold through the evocative music of David and Nicole Binion. Today marks the release of the second installment of their three-part EP series, The Revelation of Jesus: Tribulation. This release, brought to life by Integrity Music, further explores the apocalyptic narrative with a focus on its inherent glory, mystery, and divine encounters.

The Binions’ ambitious project began during a moment of divine inspiration in May 2020. Amid the global pandemic, David Binion was stirred by what he describes as an audible voice from God, prompting him to delve into the enigmatic and often intimidating final book of the Bible. Despite initial reluctance, David soon discovered the beauty of the Resurrected Jesus and the overarching theme of victory within Revelation. “I was stunned and a little reluctant to dive into this scary book of the Bible. But my eyes were opened to the beauty of the Resurrected Jesus and the victory throughout the book,” David recounts.

Joined by renowned songwriters and artists such as Mitch Wong, Krissy Nordoff, Dwan Hill, Steffany Gretzinger, and Gracie Binion, David penned 18 songs that were subsequently recorded live at the Huckabee Theater in Hendersonville, Tennessee. This collaborative effort features powerful performances by artists including Danny Gokey, Rita Springer, DOE, and Mitch Wong, all under the adept production of David Binion and Daniel Lopez.

In The Revelation of Jesus: Tribulation, David Binion elucidates the hopeful and triumphant messages embedded in the Book of Revelation. Reflecting on Jesus’ words, “In this world you will have tribulation, but take heart, for I have overcome the world!” David emphasizes the victorious nature of Revelation. “The book declares that we are made overcomers by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. This is the Revelation of Jesus Christ, not the Antichrist. There is a reward for those who hold on!” he asserts.

The EP’s tracklisting includes:

  1. “These Things Must Happen” – David & Nicole Binion, Mitch Wong
  2. “The Ones” – David & Nicole Binion (feat. Maranda Curtis)
  3. “Silence” – David & Nicole Binion
  4. “Kingdoms” – David & Nicole Binion (feat. BJ Putnam)
  5. “Song of Moses” – David & Nicole Binion, DOE, Gracie Binion
  6. Hallelujah (Babylon Has Fallen)” – David & Nicole Binion, Gracie Binion, Mitch Wong

With this series, the Binions aim to dispel the fear that often accompanies the study of Revelation, encouraging believers to embrace its powerful message of hope and victory.

“We hope that these songs will help erase the fear that has held people back from pursuing the study of this great and final book of the Bible,” the Binions collectively state.

The first two segments of The Revelation of Jesus will be broadcast tonight on TBN, offering a visual and auditory feast that brings these songs to life. For those who seek to deepen their understanding of Revelation, this airing presents a perfect opportunity to engage with the material in a meaningful way.

David and Nicole Binion’s journey in ministry spans nearly three decades. Based in Dallas, Texas, the couple has dedicated their lives to worship and mentorship through Dwell Ministries, which they founded to nurture the next generation of worship leaders and church creatives. Their vision materialized further with the planting of Dwell Church in Dallas. Known for their heartfelt worship and dynamic leadership, the Binions have also served as guest hosts on TBN’s flagship program “Praise!” and have conducted “Dwell Nights” of worship across the globe.

Their latest album, Glory of Eden, released in 2020, and their collaborations with Integrity Music’s REVERE highlight their continuous commitment to creating music that elevates and inspires. As they release The Revelation of Jesus: Tribulation, David and Nicole Binion invite believers to enter a new dimension of faith and encounter with Jesus.

For more information on David and Nicole Binion and their music, visit Binion Worship.

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