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Chris Llewellyn’s “Can You Be Trusted” for Song Discovery

Chris Llewellyn’s “Can You Be Trusted” for Song Discovery

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Strumming the Strings of Vulnerability

In the intimate realm of songwriting, where the authenticity of one’s heart and the rawness of personal experience intertwine with melody and lyrics, Chris Llewellyn’s acoustic rendition of “Can You Be Trusted?” for Song Discovery stands as a profound testament to the power of vulnerable worship. This piece, extracted from his inaugural solo album “Honest*,” released on 1 September 2023 under Capitol CMG, delves into the depths of a soul in turmoil, seeking solace and understanding in the face of life’s harrowing trials.

Questioning God’s Love

The lyrics of “Can You Be Trusted?” echo the profound struggles and questions that arise when faith is tested by life’s unanticipated storms. Through his poignant words, Llewellyn articulates the heart-wrenching journey of a man grappling with his son’s autism diagnosis, a revelation that not only alters the trajectory of his family life but also sends ripples through the foundation of his faith. The song’s verses and choruses are a candid dialogue with the Divine, questioning the steadfastness of God’s love and the reliability of His presence in times of doubt and despair.

Honest Album Art

Llewellyn’s delivery of this song is captivating; his voice, imbued with sincerity and a touch of rawness, perfectly encapsulates the essence of a heart laid bare. The acoustic setting strips away any semblance of pretense, allowing the purity of his emotion and the honesty of his questions to resonate freely. Each strum of the guitar and each nuance in his voice serves as a vehicle for conveying his inner turmoil and earnest search for answers.

Profound Personal Struggle

This song, and indeed the entirety of the “Honest” album, is reflective of Llewellyn’s courageous journey through a season of profound personal struggle. His openness in sharing this journey, likened to reading his diary aloud with no filters, offers listeners a deeply personal glimpse into his wrestle with faith. It’s a wrestle that is characterized by hope and doubt, hurt and conflict, yet anchored by a faith that, though weathered and tested, remains durable and true.

Llewellyn’s musical influences, from the storied lands of Ireland with figures like Van Morrison and U2, to his current Nashville base, weave a rich tapestry of alternative pop and Americana. His story, much like the biblical narratives he draws inspiration from, underscores the notion that genuine faith emerges from the crucible of honest questioning and vulnerable trust.

“This album is me reading my diary to you out loud – no filter. It’s full of hope and doubt, hurt feelings and conflict, yet, ultimately, faith. Not a shiny airbrushed faith, but something weathered, tested, and durable. It’s my hope that by ‘oversharing’ I can offer you a permission slip to ask your own bold questions. Because my story, and I believe the story of the Bible, is that the only kind of faith worth having comes when we take the risk of being honest.” – – Chris Llewellyn

In “Can You Be Trusted?”, Chris Llewellyn offers more than just a song; he extends an invitation to embark on a journey of faith that embraces honesty in its most unvarnished form. It’s a journey that challenges us to confront our deepest doubts, to vocalize our most daunting questions, and to find solace in the assurance that our faith, though tested, can emerge stronger and more authentic.

As we reflect on Llewellyn’s heartfelt offering, let us be reminded of the beauty and strength found in a faith that is not afraid to question, to doubt, and ultimately, to trust.

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