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Song Discovery Highlights

Song Discovery Highlights

Editorial Team

This is a sampling of the music available on Worship Leader’s Song Discovery volume 128. Subscribe today to get songs like these along with chord charts and lead sheets.

jake espyJake Espy
“Love Changes Everything”
Red Rocks Worship
Red Rocks Church, Colorado |

Favorite new worship song to lead:
“In the River” by Jesus Culture

Biggest worship leading influence:
Right now, I’d say Chris McClarney

God’s testimony on your life right now:
I feel like currently God is re-instilling in me that his power is made perfect in our weakness, and he moves mightily through our imperfections. Sometimes it’s easy to think that we’re not qualified or good enough to make an impact for his kingdom. But God made us intentionally. He uses our lives for his glory, insecurities and all, if we allow him to.

About “Love Changes Everything”:
With “Love Changes Everything,” I wanted to help break down the walls that hold us back from experiencing the freedom of God’s love. To invite his church to worship him no matter what we are walking through. To remind us of his sacrifice and what Calvary means to us here and now. And ultimately, we have a God who gave everything, that we might know him.


jordan fryeJordan Frye
Urban Rescue
Fellowship Monrovia, California |

Favorite New Worship Song to lead:
“Never Stop” (by Urban Rescue on Wild Heart)

Biggest worship leading influence:
It’s a toss up between Delirious? and Crowder.

God’s testimony on your life right now:
I believe Jesus is in the business of setting people free, and right now he’s setting me free from fear. For the longest time I’ve been afraid of the future, that somehow I would ruin God’s plan for my life. But I’m learning that I can’t be afraid of failing and can’t allow fear to keep me from pursuing God’s heart. In Christ, I am a new creation. The old has gone, and the new has come. That’s what I’m leaning on these days.

About “Recreate”:
The violence and horror in our world continue to escalate every day, so I wanted to write a song of intercession. “Recreate” is at its core a prayer over our cities and communities, that God would do the thing he’s best at: “making all things new” (Rev 21:5). Jesus is in the business of setting people free, and we know that in Christ we are a new creation. “Recreate” is a cry for the Spirit’s work to continue through the ages to captivate, resonate, and liberate the areas in our world and in our lives that need real freedom and restoration. It’s a cry for peace in the midst of war. It’s supplication for renewal in the midst of pain. An anthem for new life and joy in the face of death and sorrow.

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