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Song Discovery Pick – Breath of Heaven (It Is Well)

Song Discovery Pick – Breath of Heaven (It Is Well)

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“Breath of Heaven (It Is Well)” by Abby Kvam and Jeff Deyo (North Central University Worship)

In the words of the writers:

I know that this too shall pass 

I leave it all in your hands 

And I will sing, it is well with my soul

Though it was written before 2020, it is as if this song was destined to be a rallying cry for people around the world during the great hardships and challenges we have been facing in 2020. As worshipers sing along to these poignant lyrics, there is great healing that takes place as we once again place our lives and circumstances in God’s hands. One of our talented seniors at NCU (songwriter and singer) wrote the chorus to this song and brought it to me to help her write the verses and bridge. It is a powerful, moving song that has become an anthem in our school and in many churches around the nation!

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