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Song Discovery Pick – Holy (Take Our Breath Away)

Song Discovery Pick – Holy (Take Our Breath Away)

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“Holy (Take Our Breath Away)” by Skye Reedy, Chris Clayton, Baily Hager and Blaine Reedy

In the words of the writers:

You are holy, holy, holy
God You take our breath away
We cry worthy, worthy, worthy
Pouring out our endless praise

Skye was a featured artist on Michael W. Smith’s 2019 live worship album singing “Agnus Dei.” She toured with Smith around the world singing that sacred cry of praise and adoration, “Holy, holy are you Lord God Almighty” over the nations. When she began writing for her own music, those words were deeply rooted in her heart. It led her to a spontaneous moment of worship, birthed from that season in her life.

Her new worship song, “Holy (Take Our Breath Away)” is a beautiful expression of the same scripture passage “Agnus Dei” was written from. It is a corporate worship anthem that empowers the church to sing straight to the Lord. It echoes Revelation 4, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty” and leads the heart straight to the throne room, singing at the feet of Jesus.

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