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Song Discovery Pick – Psalm 27 (I Will Sing)

Song Discovery Pick – Psalm 27 (I Will Sing)

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“Psalm 27 (I Will Sing)” By Seth Herlich and Jenna Herlich (Him + Her Worship)

In the words of the writers:

In every circumstance
In every season
This is my confidence
And I will trust in You

Last year we spent some time between tours living in our friends’ basement. We were struggling because traveling is a really important part of our life. During this time, Seth listened to a beautiful narration of Psalm 27 that inspired us to write this song. We hoped that these lyrics would preserve all of the beautiful declarations of who God is that are found in this Psalm. We have a vision for this song to be sung in the Church as a reminder to be still, take heart, and wait for the Lord.

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