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Song Story | “Battlefield” By Stefan Green

Song Story | “Battlefield” By Stefan Green


The song “Battlefield” took form while walking through seasons in life where I felt as if God’s hand on my life would expire, but time proved His love more than I had ever known before and proved me wrong. I finally realized during the battles that when conflict feels its at its worst, he’s not anywhere besides by my side.

I’ve learned that the battlefield is not a place of defeat, but of new beginnings. Just like a volcano, a war can destroy but it can also create the most beautiful landscapes and give way to new beginnings. The battlefield is a place of refining and equipping and less of a punishment as I had viewed it as before.

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This song is for the ones walking through depression, anxiety, pain and trauma that haunts you no matter how hard you pray, sing or fast. I hope you walk away from this song and realize you have a companion on your battlefield, and the battlefield belongs to Him.

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