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Song Story | “What I Long For”

Song Story | “What I Long For”

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By Tommy and Eileen Walker

“My daughter Eileen and I have been singing and worshiping together pretty much her whole life. In fact, Eileen is one of those people that I like to say ‘sings without ceasing.’ As she has grown older, she has been traveling with me and it is one of the great joys of my life.

All that to say, it was inevitable that someday we would make an album together and ‘Highest Praises’ is truly a collaboration in every way. In fact, she wrote half the songs which highlights a lot of the more modern worship sound and I wrote half the songs which can be a bit more complex and celebrative. I believe it is at least one sincere representation of the generations worshiping together which no doubt is an expression of worship that is close to our Father, God’s heart!

One of the songs Eileen wrote that has turned out to be one of my favorites is ‘What I Long For.’ I will let Eileen share what inspired the song.” – Tommy Walker

“Hunger is a gift from the Lord. To want him, to desire Him. I can’t take any credit for my deep longing for the Holy Spirit, but I can testify about it. There is nothing that comes close to the presence of God. I can remember encountering the power and glory of God during a worship time at a very young age. I remember tasting and seeing His goodness first hand, and from that point on knowing that nothing was better.

In essence, that’s all this song is. It’s just a cry for encounter, now that I know nothing is better. I long to experience Him, I just love Him. We were made for communion with God. For intimacy and relationship with Him. In His presence is fullness of joy, peace, healing, fulfillment and it’s where we belong.

If you’ve never encountered God in a tangible way, I encourage you to ask the Lord for the gift of hunger and for Him to meet you! He is generous with His Holy Spirit.” – Eileen Walker

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