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A Song Review: “Carry the World” by Meredith Andrews

A Song Review: “Carry the World” by Meredith Andrews

Christopher Watson
  • Meredith brings a passionate testimony of the hope we have in God. “Carry The World” will encourage, bolster, and lift the spirits of believers all over the world. 
Meredith Andrews Carry the World Song-Review

Meredith Andrews’ passionate ballad, “Carry the World”, is a prayerful testimony to God’s ability and desire to carry our burdens and do great things. This song is a needed reminder for so many in a world that is spinning out of control. The message that God can bear our burdens and do great things is like a beam from a lighthouse guiding ships to a safe harbor.


Originally released on her first full-length Spanish album, “Ábrenos Los Cielos”, the English translation makes a few subtle changes from the original Spanish, but holds its powerful message. Each verse is well constructed with both perfect and slant rhymes from stanza to stanza. From verse to chorus the content stays consistent in message and tone.

The first verse gives testimony to God’s supporting love when life weighs us down with lines like, “You’re always ready to take what I was never meant to hold.” “You are peace and You are never worried,” sums up the message of the second verse. The chorus is a confession that we cannot carry the burdens of the world, but God can, and in so doing, He can do great things. Meredith does an amazing job putting passion into this confession that will help others embrace this much needed truth.


Meredith Andrews
Meredith Andrews

Various rhythm elements drive the song forward musically. There are multiple arpeggiations sunk into the tapestry of the sound that give the piece great energy and movement. Big synth pads add grandeur which is fitting with the songs overall theme of God holding all things in his hand, from the planets in the universe to our humble tears. The song ends with a heavily effected piano, synth pad and an airy soundscape that lands the song suggesting prayerful meditation. Despite its complexity, the music does not dominate, but stands back and accompanies Meredith’s amazing voice.


With the numerous synths pads, arp’s, piano’s, guitars, and multiple rhythm elements, the backing music could use some more organic elements. A synth heavy song like this can quickly sound over produced. But the mix is well engineered, weaving elements in and out without distraction. Like a Roman roadbed, the backing instrumental’s provides a solid foundation for Meredith’s vocals to explore God’s power and desire to carry our burdens.


Meredith brings a passionate testimony of the hope we have in God. “Carry The World” will encourage, bolster, and lift the spirits of believers all over the world. Her use of imagery, lyric construction and musical backdrop make this a great song of encouragement during troubles times.


Meredith sets a high bar for songs of hope.


Some synth elements could be replaced with more organic instrumentation.

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