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Song Story: “Even When” By StoneBridge Worship

Song Story: “Even When” By StoneBridge Worship

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By Jamie Mountford

Sometimes the seasons of life, the attitudes and actions of those around us, even the personal position of our own hearts, can cause us to feel distant from the Lord. We can wonder if He still loves us and if we can rely on Him to see us through. 

This year, 2020, has proven a very tumultuous year for people around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked fear, anguish, and insecurity for so many people, believers included. As we reel from the loss of life, we are also feeling overwhelmed with the economic fallout and idealogical divide facing America and other regions of the globe. 

Where can we turn? How can we find reassurance?

Through the Dry Season

The song “Even When” by StoneBridge Worship was born during writer Bo Bryant’s personal dry season. Written long before this year’s turmoil, Bryant was still no stranger to feeling disconnected. He says, “When I started writing ‘Even When,’ I was in a bit of a dry season spiritually. I had desire for Jesus, but I was having a difficult time connecting with HIm. During my personal time of worship, the chorus just started to pour out to the Lord. It was such a good reminder to me that I belong to Him no matter the season or circumstances.” The Holy Spirit inspired him to pen these words:

I will worship when I’m broken

I will praise You through the night

I will bow down here before You

Lord I love You with all my life

From Reminder to Anthem of Hope

Bryant brought the verses and chorus to his team, Paul Reeves, Josh Roland, and Aimee Miller. During a creative writing session in Paul’s studio, Domus Sound, they completed the song together by adding the bridge. Bryant recalls, “I was shocked at how much power there was at the end of the bridge. Also, once we added the keys to this song [Spenser Boice] it really changed the overall feel of it for me and added a ton of depth.” 

The haunting piano melody begins the song, immediately drawing the worshipper into a place of contemplation. But as Bryant said, the bridge culminates with a declaration of God’s love and desire for us. 

Even when I cannot see

I know You’re all around me

Even when I cannot breathe

My God, Your breath revives me

No matter where I go

Or when shadows try to hide me

This one thing I know

Your love will always find me

Singing the Truth

As StoneBridge Worship introduced “Even When” to their congregation in Marietta, Georgia, they knew it was resonating with believers hungry for God. “You could tell people wanted it to be true. They wanted God to know that they would give Him the praise He is due no matter the season and no matter the circumstance.” 

And that was only the beginning of the song’s impact on church members’ faith and relationship with the Lord. Bryant has received many responses to the song since its inception. “Honestly, my favorite thing is to hear my three kids singing the songs we write. I also have gotten videos from church members and their kids during the COVID-19 quarantine, singing our songs. One family in particular who was really struggling in late 2019 told me ‘Even When’ was their anthem to get through that tough season.”

StoneBridge Worship realized the song could have a wider audience, all who could benefit from singing the truth of God’s love through praise. “I definitely thought ‘Even When’ would be sung by our local church. Once we finished the song, I also realized it would be good for anyone going through a difficult season of life and for those that needed to be reminded that Jesus is for them and with them.”

In the Midst of the Storm

StoneBridge Worship’s debut album, Draw Us In, has recently released, including the anthem “Even When.” The song can speak into our current climate, bringing a right perspective and realigning our hearts to the Father who loves us. 

Bryant says, “‘Even When’ reminds me that I am the Lord’s and He is mine. He will never leave or forsake me, and in turn I will give Him my life. I pray that others will be reminded of the same thing. He is our rock and anchor in the midst of the storm. ‘Even When’ is my go-to when I feel disconnected from the Lord. As I sing it I always sense Him drawing nearer to me. Or I guess you could say that I become more aware of His presence.”

“Even When” has many applications in a worship set, both as a powerful anthem during the main worship set, and as Bryant states, “If ‘Even When’ is done without the big choruses at the end, it is great for ministry time or as a song of reflection. That is how I introduced it to our congregation.”

May we become more aware of God’s presence as we praise Him through these trying times. 

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