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Chris Tomlin

A Song of Deliverance vs Transcendence

We’ve been partnering with Chris for several decades and we know and respect his pure heart for worshiping God. So, when he says something like “this hit me as a worship leader,” we sit up and pay attention. 

It’s always amazing to be reminded of the greater story, isn’t it? There’s a song in heaven right now and angels and praising God singing, “Holy, Holy, Holy,” and our hope and prayer for this song and this album is that it will open up the heavens and bring that song down for the rest of us to experience here on earth. 


Here’s Phil Wickam Singing Holy Forever


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The song Holy Forever is a song that I feel is incredibly- is the anchor of the record for me, it’s the center of this album. It’s full circle for me. It’s what it’s all about. And what I’ve come to learn is- and what I’ve come to be articulate. I was talking with a friend of mine, you know, who- who I really- who I really lean on to.

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When I, when I write songs and in the past and- someone who I feel like has even a greater knowledge of scripture than me and someone that I really trust that- hears from the Lord. And we’re talking about worship- just recently and I played him this song and he instantly said, this is, he goes, this is it, man. This is- this- this is what it’s about.

And he said, there are two lanes of worship, and I never heard it said like this and I thought, this is what I want. If I could share anything with worship leader this is what, because this hit me as a worship leader, he goes, it’s really two lanes of- when it comes to music and the church worship. There is the songs of deliverance and songs of transcendence.

And what I mean by songs of deliverance is, that’s the songs of: I need your help, Lord, I need your mercy. I need your grace. It’s what is God’s rescue? Those songs of God’s rescue which- which the Psalms are filled with, which I’ve written so much of those songs and those are- those are songs are deeply needed. Amazing Grace is a song of deliverance, of the grace of God.

But then there’s those songs of transcendence, which what I mean by it, it just takes you to that- there’s nothing about us in the deal. It just takes you to a place of like, wow, there’s a reminder of the greater story. There’s something such more greater than me. There’s stuff that makes me want to get on my face and holy, holy, holy, right?

That hymn, when you sing that, it changes the room. It takes you a different place.

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