Chris Tomlin – Our Faith is Not 30 Minutes Old – “Always”

Chris Tomlin
  • There's a song called Always. And Hebrews 13:8 kinda is the heart behind it. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

When so much is changing daily in our world, it is such a comfort to know that we serve a God who has never changed. He is the one that created this world and defined what is “true.” Chris Tomlin reminds us in this Worship Sound Bite that our faith is everlasting and has been an “always” presence in this world. 

That quote of “our faith is not 30 minutes old” really spoke to us as there seems to be a missing piece in passing on the love of Jesus from one generation to the next. With each generation, the truths of the Gospel do not change, but the ways in which we as humans interact with that truth through things like devices, virtual reality, and more continue to change. So, the missing piece is simply identifying that we don’t need to change the message to fit the new generation. The message is so good it will have no trouble breaking through the noise of our culture.

Tomlin was on to something when he felt called to title the album “Always” as a word that defines both our faith and our Heavenly Father. He is an everlasting God and his songs will continue to be sung for generations to come. We are but a part of his greater story, but what a thrill to play a part at all. 


We titled this album Always. Album’s titled always. There’s obviously a song called Always. And Hebrews 13:8 kinda is the heart behind it. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. You know. And what a what a word for our culture today. There is not a lot to me. I mean, we live- we’re in a culture right now where… what is truth?

Every day it shifts. Every day it’s like, well, this is my truth. This is your truth. Whatever you believe. There is no of like, is there any common foundation any more? And if there is in 2 hours, it’s going to change it feels like. And this reminder that it’s a reminder that our faith is not 30 minutes old. This is generations of generations have come before us and those who’ve gone after us. And that’s what this song is saying, that there is a when I titled the record always because of that.

I love that one word. You know, you always try to find if you can find one word as a title that’s always powerful. But like what a word for worship when you think of a beautiful word of worship always because that means everlasting. It means eternal. And there’s not a lot in this life that’s always. There’s most things fail, most things end, most everything ends, but hopefully this record and these songs are pointing people and reminding people of the faithfulness of an always God. That is always no matter what you are in the best of times or in the hardest of times, there is an always there is a. I one of my favorite passages of scripture is when it says God is faithful, even when we are faithless, because He cannot deny himself.

I love that last part. That’s who he is. That’s just his character. He can’t be something else. He is faithful, even more faithlessness and that’s like. So we’re coming to that and we’re saying always that you’re the same yesterday, that all those signs and wonders that we read about all those pages, that we’ve turned all our life and read these amazing miracles, like, wow, was that is that the same God today? This scripture says he’s the same as he was then as he is today and he is the hope for the future. And that’s why I titled this record in kind of the heartbeat around the song always.

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