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New music coming from Charles Billingsley

New music coming from Charles Billingsley

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We’re excited to share with y’all about some exciting news: Charles Billingsley is releasing new music this May! That’s right folks. Here’s what Charles shared with us about the upcoming project:

“From the early days of hearing my parents’ vinyls of Sinatra, Pavarotti and Tennessee Ernie Ford, I’ve had a love for great singers and classic songs from many genres,” shares Billingsley. “After 30 years of making music, I felt like it was finally time to record some of these great tunes that people all over the world love—songs that evoke fond memories and nostalgia. The past few years have been hard, and so many of us seem to have lost our smile. I hope The Shadow of Your Smile will help bring some joy back.” 
“Music and art, the things we create—it’s all from God, and we use it for His glory,” Billingsley adds. “It’s my prayer that these songs can help expand my reach as an artist, taking me to new places to share the love of God with others.”

Pre-add The Shadow of Your Smile now and receive instant access to the lead single, “It Had To Be You,” on April 15. 

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