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New Music Review: “Don’t Stop Caring” by Bishop Lawrence Hancock

New Music Review: “Don’t Stop Caring” by Bishop Lawrence Hancock

Randy Cross

With hints of Kirk Franklin and other modern Gospel charts comes the eighth studio album by Bishop Lawrence Hancock, Don’t Stop Caring.  This independent release from Symphonic Distribution is ethereal, electronic, Hip Hop, Gospel with themes as modern as its sounds.  

From the opening beat, the hypnotic album begs a listen.  The Stellar Award Nominated rapper, lyricist and church leader throws down track after track of infections rhymes and beats that glorify the God of the universe.  Contemplative and comforting in its delivery this album can quickly elevate an individual into a worship service they weren’t expecting.

Stand out tracks include “Be There”, “Reliable”, and “One More Chance”


With pleading and urging, Bishop Hancock takes the listener to the throne room with a back beat serving as the soundtrack for the journey.  This artist needs more exposure on mainstream Christian radio outlets.  


The album tends to get formulaic as it proceeds.  An acapella chart, or more acoustic instrument driven tunes, like “One More Chance” and “Living” would have been a welcome departure from the mostly electronic, Gospel/Hip Hop mix.

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