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New Music Review of Gateway Worship’s, “I Need You”

New Music Review of Gateway Worship’s, “I Need You”

Randy Cross

Expressing the complete necessity of being reliant on God is the song, “I Need You” by Gateway Worship, featuring Worship Leader Jesse Harris.  Harris and the Gateway Worship team build on a rich history of worship music that expresses the dependence on One who is greater that is at the core of humanity.  “I Need You” rises and falls in its dynamics as it begins as a solemn prayer and builds up to an eruption of anthemic praise and then as it fades during the bridge, falls again to contemplative meditation much like the tides of the oceans.  This cascading movement of the song accompanies the lyric and is accentuated by its 6/8 time signature, a trend that is being seen repeatedly in modern worship music.  

This is a song should easily fit into your worship time rotation and will be embraced by your worshipers as they not only sing the song but feel it.


Beautifully written.  Wonderful rise and falls.  Vertical worship.  


This “I Need You” uses a prayerful ending that is certainly timely and provides the opportunity for spontaneous response, however, it could use with some trimming along the way during a chorus and the bridge to make it a bit more user friendly.

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