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New Music Review: “This Is How I Thank The Lord” by Mosaic MSC

New Music Review: “This Is How I Thank The Lord” by Mosaic MSC

Editorial Team

Coming to you with worship filled ear candy is the debut full album release This Is How I Thank The Lord by the Los Angeles collaborative Mosaic MSC.  Thankfulness is more than just a phrase in the title of this album that cold easily be mistaken for hits on the Pop top 40, with the exception that they are Spirit-filled songs of gratitude for the struggles midst the chaotic times with which we have recently passed. 

The combination of inquisitive pondering with bold proclamation are served with a beautiful balance of the human voice and electronic experiences.  It is easy to tell that this project was birthed by creatives who want to explore musical boundaries all the while remaining God honoring in their approach. 

Birthed by the diverse community of musicians in the Hollywood, California church, Mosaic, the album is brilliant in its building track upon track as it reaches its peak with the title track, “This Is How I Thank The Lord” and then segues back down to the contemplative, yet worshipful. 


This IS how we should thank the Lord!  Music that serves as a soundtrack to unadulterated worship on an individual level or for Christian radio.


There is a growing narrative about how many worship teams lead their churches by performing.  This album, while beautifully worship filled, feeds that narrative.  As creative as this group is, perhaps they should venture into the countryside to a small church that doesn’t have sound and lighting techs.  Write and produce an album that could be sung by a relatively small group of equally talented folks and their congregation.  Christian radio is nice, but congregations are begging for modern day arrangements that they can do together. 

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