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New Music Review: “Our God Will See Us Through” – North Point Worship

New Music Review: “Our God Will See Us Through” – North Point Worship

Randy Cross

“This is the sound of a child comin’ home…”.  This line from the opening track of North Point Worship’s newest project, Our God Will See Us Through, sets the pace for a worship experience that is filled with upbeat praise and restoration declaring songs.  From the opening track, “Prodigal”, you get the sense that this album will be a celebration of God’s amazing redemption regardless of what we have done.

“Prodigals” isn’t the only Scripture based song. The Ephesians 3:16-19 influenced “God Is Love” continues the “God is always there” motif of the album as the declarative becomes the narrative.

Familiarity breeds an eruption of  devotion as “This Is My Song” brings back the blessed assurance of our salvation as it ignites memories of the classic hymn.

The remaining tracks are all enthusiastic, energetic, and encouraging for believers, both those who feel close in their walk as well as those who feel they have strayed.  Each proceeding movement brings the feeling of having been at North Point Church on October 14 at the Woodstock Campus as the celebration of Jesus never let up.


This album is a treasure in that it is a “live” album that never drags.  The momentum continues and shows that you don’t necessarily have to have “spontaneous” moments of crying out to God through prayer to feel His presence moving in an environment of praise.  Great album.  I look forward to seeing complete orchestrations for some of these charts!


It would be nice to hear something other than your typical “rhythm section” driven chart.  Throw in a sax or trumpet every once in a while to keep things fresh.

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