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Patrick Mayberry: “Holy Spirit Come” Song-By-Song

Patrick Mayberry: “Holy Spirit Come” Song-By-Song

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Songwriter/worship leader Patrick Mayberry shares an exclusive song-by-song of his new EP, Holy Spirit Come.


All of these songs have been written for the people of the church! I pray that they meet people right where they are in their journey with faith and the Lord…and serve them…and minister to them…that they would continue to shape and transform how they view themselves, God, and how God views them….as his kids who’s He’s crazy about!!


This is a party song! Cause being freed from death and being made alive in Christ sounds like the best reason of all time to party! RIGHT?? This song is upbeat and lively and aims to be a celebration of new life! The old ways are gone and new has come! There is a full life of freedom all because of the sacrifice Jesus paid for his people…The one true king heaven entered in to our story to set us free!


I had so much fun writing this song with my friends Hank and Bede. It’s a straightforward praise and worship song…intended to give people a song to sing to God. It doesn’t take much to realize that all creation…in its breath taking epic-ness….was created by and for God. It references many Psalms about creation praising God….

My favorite verse is the 3rd verse. The song zooms way in from the bigness of God and describes how close and intimate he is to each of us, He sees us, He knows see us,  He loves us….truly there is no one like our Lord. 


“As long as You’re in it, the story’s not finished

I know You’ve overcome, so I know I’ll overcome”

Life is really hard sometimes. We get backed into corners and it can feel like there is no way out. We see stories like that all throughout the Bible. BUT THEN God shows up…and does something that defies all logic and He makes a way! 

This song is a desperate prayer and cry…for God to show up just like we see all throughout the Bible with his Breakthrough Miracle Power…trusting that every step of the way, He is in it with us. 


Jesus said that if we believe in Him, we have his Holy Spirit living inside of us. However, life weighs us down and sometimes it is sooo easy to forget that we have full access to that power! This a song to adjust our posture as believers! It’s a song of “ready-ness.” A reminder that we can call on the Holy Spirit as our counselor, our healer, our deliverer. Imagine what our lives, our families, our churches would be like if we continually lived with that in the forefront of our minds and hearts! I pray this song is an anthem for our churches that would flow to every inch of our lives! More and more for the Holy Spirit!


Somewhere along the way growing up, I was misinformed about my Heavenly Father. I thought he was a tough business-like man who I had no business dealing with. Over the years of learning more and more about the Heart of the father….it’s the absolute opposite. Stories like the prodigal son have re shaped how I view God and myself! This song, I pray, invites people to see that wherever they come from…or how they think they aren’t good enough for God…or if they think God is mad at them….or doesn’t want them….that God truly is a loving father…a perfect father unlike any in this world….who from the very start has been crazy about his sons and daughters!


Really hard, unexplainable things happen in our lives. Things that just aren’t right or fair. Bad news, injustice, loss, death…..

But as believers in Jesus, this is not how our story ends! God is coming back for His people! For His Bride! This song is a hopeful declaration that we can take heart knowing that, despite life’s hardships, God is one day coming back for his people and He will make all things right.

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