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Paul Wilbur – Worship Movements Come and Go

Paul Wilbur – Worship Movements Come and Go

Paul Wilbur
Paul Wilbur - Worship Movements Come and Go

It’s so easy to think that what’s happening in the world today has “never happened before.” It’s also easy to fall into anxiety and fear based on cultural shifts and movements that are anti-Christian and anti-God. Sometimes it’s comforting to sit under the seasoned legends of the faith and be told that we’ve been here before and there’s nothing God can’t handle.

In today’s Worship Sound Bite, Paul Wilbur does just that by reminding us how important it is to take the “treasure” of the Gospel found in different movements of worship and leave behind the human elements that put the focus on that single treasure and ignore the rest of the Word of God. Over emphasis on any one aspect of the living God brings us out of balance. We need all of the fruits of the spirit to sprout from within us and that takes discipleship, a deep faith walk, and an individual relationship with Yeshua Jesus. Worship movements and faith movements may come and go, the but truths of the Gospel never change. PTL.

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Worshiping spaces, worship instruments and how much worship really takes place. I think, you know, in the, in the decades now that I’ve walked with Yeshua, Jesus, I’ve seen movements come and go. I’ve also watched as those who are passionate about something having to do with the Kingdom of God. They, they sell everything they found. This reminds me of a story I read in a book once.

Actually, it’s the Bible. Not to be cute, but they. They find a field that contains a great treasure, and they sell everything in order to possess that treasure. Now, I have seen the treasure be a prayer movement. I’ve seen that treasure be a word of faith movement. I’ve seen that treasure be a teaching movement. A movement of the Holy Spirit and a movement of home churches, a movement of mega churches.

And I’ve discovered one thing that within each of these different movements, there has been a treasure. There has been a truth that was worth possessing. But when that piece became everything, it would fall off the tracks.

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