Rebel Hearts: An Interview with Director Pedro Kos and Producer Shawnee Isaac-Smith


Director Pedro Kos and producer Shawnee Isaac-Smith recently joined us to talk about the inspiration and creating process behind their new film Rebel Hearts.

Rebel Hearts follows The Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, who bravely stood up to the patriarchy of the Catholic Church fighting for equality, their livelihoods, and their own freedom in the 1960s in Los Angeles. These unlikely resistance fighters and their efforts to bring the church into modern life were met with forceful opposition at every turn. The Sisters’ bold acts of faith, defiance and activism turned the Church upside down, helping to reshape our society in ways that continue to resonate today. 

Director Pedro Kos combines incredible archival footage, stunning animation, and two decades of interviews conducted and filmed by the film’s producer Shawnee Isaac-Smith, to beautifully illuminate the story of these incredible women.

The film opened in select theaters June 25 and is now streaming on discovery+.

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