Review of Bright City UK’s “Christ In Me”

Randy Cross

“What if you had never come to save us” posits the band Bright City as they open their new single “Christ in Me”.

The worship leading band from St Peter’s church in Brighton, UK goes on to answer their opening question with the remainder of the very singable song.

Balancing the difference Christ makes in a believer’s life with the pondering of what life without Christ would be like is the driving force behind the ballad. The resolution of the conflict comes in the demonstrative statement in the chorus,

“Forgiven, I’ve been set free. O the power of Christ in me.  My Jesus, my victory, O the power of Christ in me.”

More: This is a truly great song!  It causes us to ponder and then resolves the questions with a commanding declaration of praise.

Less:  No resources for the church universal to be blessed by this song as of yet.

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