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Review of Jason Ingram’s “Goodness of God”

Review of Jason Ingram’s “Goodness of God”

Randy Cross

Launching with the world-wide hit “Glorious Day,” Jason Ingram brings us his 5 song Goodness of God EP. What follows from the Dove Award winning producer and song writer is an encouraging and beautiful pronouncement of God’s attributes as you flow from one track to the next being enveloped by how those attributes are for your benefit.

“There is no shame there is only pride…” from “I Am Loved” is a weighty statement from Creator God that needs to repeated in the ears of many of our friends and family. We then move into the confidence that we serve a God whose “Promises Never Fail”.   We then segue into the reflective “Still” as we experience the wonder of who God is as we strip away the confusion that is emblematic of the life we lead in a fallen world. We find ourselves at the end of the EP with the title track and our pronouncement of God’s grace, mercy and His incredible goodness.

More: Jason Ingram is one of modern worships best song writers.  This ep features 2 songs that have been well received and 3 that will be.  Use all of the songs for your next “Attributes of God” themed set.

Less:  Strong opener, fades just a bit too much in the middle, strong finish.  The inclusion of one more uptempo song by this prolific artist would have made an almost perfect ep.


Full orchestral arrangements for “Glorious Day”, “Goodness of God”,  available at

Chord Charts for entire ep available at

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