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Review of Braveheart Worship with Sheila Walsh

Review of Braveheart Worship with Sheila Walsh

Randy Cross

Listening to fresh sounds of Braveheart Worship one must be reminded that Shelia Walsh is a veteran of the worship music industry.  Celebrated author, speaker, and television host, Walsh has put together a team of worshipers to complete her eclectic themed project Braveheart Worship.  This assembled group will doubtless accompany Walsh at her sold out speaking engagements where Jesus is at the fore and the focus of healing through Jesus is the dominant subject.   

Braveheart Worship launches with the celebratory praise song, “A Thousand Hallelujahs”.  From there each song builds on the other as you navigate through ballad and thunderous worship with song after song of Jesus love and our adoration all in the spirit of the package’s namesake Scottish warrior.  All of this leads up to the enigmatic reimagining of the Spafford/Bliss timeless classic “It is Well with my Soul” featuring Sir Cliff Richard.

More: Beautifully celtic, spritually uplifting, Braveheart Worship is a project that should have much listening.  

Less:  The addition of 2 or 3 more tempo driven songs in the vein of “A Thousand Hallelujahs” would lift the mid section of the album out of its ballad heaviness.

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