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Review of Grace Worship’s “Calvary’s Anthem”

Review of Grace Worship’s “Calvary’s Anthem”

Randy Cross

With a refreshing new take on a familiar melody, and a bit of Robert Lowery’s universally loved hymn, “Nothing but the Blood” thrown in for good measure comes the new single, “Calvary’s Anthem by Grace Worship.  The song is one of six from the Peoria, Illinois based collective’s EP, Christ Be All, released on April 24, 2020.

“Calvary’s Anthem” is perfect for those meditative moments when the cross and what Christ’s sacrifice means for everyone is the focus.  Quickly after the piano opening your are escorted to the hill where the precious blood flowed.  With a brass inflection and unique interpretation on the crucifixion, Grace Worship have added a song that the generations can enjoy.   


Anytime you can incorporate a good brass section, it adds depth to the power the section of the song


While the melody is familiar, the song at times seems disjointed as if almost trying to do too much

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