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Review of Matt Redman’s Latest Album: Let There Be Wonder

Review of Matt Redman’s Latest Album: Let There Be Wonder

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By Bobby Giles

Some modern worship music may be fairly criticized for a lack of theological depth. Some may be fairly criticized for generic God-talk, and lyrics that could as easily be sung to a false deity or an earthly love. But none of that can be said of Let There Be Wonder, the new live worship record by Integrity artist, Matt Redman. 

Let There Be Wonder is unmistakably, unequivocally about Jesus Christ, the Son of God who took on flesh, lived the life we couldn’t lead and died the death that we deserved, rising from the dead in glory and majesty. 

Redman explores the varied aspects of Christ’s character and work throughout this 13-song setlist, in a way that leaves no doubt that all who worship through these songs are declaring their confidence, gratitude and allegiance in Christ alone. 

Musically, it is what we’ve come to expect from Redman. The songs are anthemic and soaring yet singable, with a mix of tempos in a reliably electric pop soundscape. It is not adventurous music. Redman knows what will get people singing at the top of their lungs, what kind of melodies will stick in their minds, and he delivers it time after time, song upon song.

An hour with this record will be an hour spent declaring that Jesus is Lord (“King Jesus”), His name is the power to save and restore (“Jesus Your Name,” “In The Name”), He is all merciful (“Mercies New Every Morning”), and He has filled us with a sense of purpose and mission (“Send Me Lord”).

While this is Redman’s 14th career project, it is his first with Integrity Music. Yet Let There Be Wonder is just what you’ve come to expect from Matt Redman. This is a veteran contemporary worship leader on top of his game, shifting the attention he generates to Jesus.

Originally Published in Worship Leader Magazine

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