Review of We The Kingdom’s “Holy Water Church Sessions”

Amanda Whittington

A standout track, We The Kingdom’s “Holy Water Church Sessions” has it all: a touch of praise and worship, a little bit of bluesy piano, and thick acapella vocals that are sweet as honey. Strains of forgiveness and grace run through this toe-tapper.

We the Kingdom says, “Sin is a virus. Racism is a virus. Hatred is a virus. Injustice is a virus. And we are all infected with the virus of Sin. Everyone on the earth has it, and there’s only one Cure.” That’s what the song “Holy Water“ is all about. The Blood of Jesus is not a vaccination, it’s a Total Cure. We are so excited to share this video in a time of great fear as a hope and reminder that we are not hopeless. God has not canceled any of His plans.

I’ll say it again, God Almighty has not cancelled ANY of His plans!

Prayer and worship are open 24 hours a day for tll who will come to the altar. We believe with all our hearts that God is an opportunist and the Heavens are speaking billboard bright and concert loud. The way the world has come together to try and put a stop to this nasty sickness, God has made a way for the most deadly sickness of all. Let us be washed and cleansed by the “Holy Water” of God’s grace and mercy and forgiveness. We hope this song and new version brings you as much life, joy, hope and peace as it has us in the making of it.”

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