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Song Review: “Design” by Destination Church

Song Review: “Design” by Destination Church

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"Design" Destination Worship

Greetings, worship leaders and music enthusiasts! Today, we are delighted to share thoughts on the latest single from Destination Worship, “Design.” This song, which was released on May 31st, is a powerful anthem rooted in Psalm 139 and intricately woven with themes of divine intimacy and identity in Christ.

“Design” opens with the poignant question,

“Where could I go from Your Spirit? / How could I run from Your Presence?”

These lyrics immediately draw listeners into a deep, reflective space, contemplating the omnipresence of God. The song beautifully echoes the Psalmist’s awe at being known and loved by the Creator, underscoring the intimate relationship we share with our Heavenly Father.

Musically, “Design” is a rich tapestry of catchy guitars, synths, and harmonies that create an immersive worship experience. The layers of choir vocals add a communal dimension, making it ideal for corporate worship settings. The pre-chorus, “You reach out Your hand and You hold me / You tell me that I am Yours,” is particularly moving, capturing the comforting assurance of God’s embrace.

The chorus is a heartfelt prayer:

“Come search my heart, Lord make me new / Come Holy Spirit, draw me to you / You know my thoughts, You made my mind / I was created by Your design.”

These lines are not only a declaration of dependence on the Holy Spirit but also an acknowledgment of our divine creation and purpose. It’s a profound reminder of our identity in Christ, intricately designed by the Creator.

As the song progresses, the second verse speaks to our human tendency to stray:

“Whenever my path starts to wander / Whenever I’m lost in the details / Your word will be my foundation / Your promise will never fail.”

This verse is a testament to the reliability of God’s Word and His unwavering promises, encouraging believers to find their grounding in His truth.

The bridge ties the song together with a declaration of God’s sovereignty over every aspect of our lives:

“You know my future / You know my past / The grace in my present / The mercy that lasts / My heart in Your hands / My life in Your plans / My peace that won’t end / Oh the love of a Father.”

This encapsulates the essence of our faith journey, enveloped in God’s grace, mercy, and unfailing love.

“Design” by Destination Worship is more than just a song; it’s a melodic prayer that invites the congregation into a deeper understanding of their identity in Christ. It’s a timely piece for any church seeking to reinforce the message of God’s intimate involvement in our lives.

As you incorporate “Design” into your worship services, may it serve as a catalyst for reflection, connection, and a renewed sense of purpose among your congregants. May this song help you and your church community draw closer to the One who has beautifully designed each of us for His glory.

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