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Song Review: Easy to Praise by Patrick Mayberry

Song Review: Easy to Praise by Patrick Mayberry

Christopher Watson
  • Patrick Mayberry has come out with Easy to Praise, a CCM/country rock anthem that is a “Joy filled Party."
Easy To Praise Patrick Mayberry

Patrick Mayberry has come out with Easy to Praise, a CCM/country rock anthem from Centricity Music. Mayberry says, “As Christ-followers, we’ve got a joy that’s anchored deep down in our souls. And while happiness is a fleeting emotion that comes and goes, this joy doesn’t waver.” He goes on to say, “When I think about it, I can’t help but shout Hallelujah! God truly has made it easy to praise.”

Worship Function

According to Mayberry, Easy to Praise is a “Joy filled Party” song. It would not fit into many churches or worship settings, as it needs a sizable band and production to pull off effectively. It is a celebration song with a theme of God being so great He is easy to praise, so it fits well on the performative side of things. This is seen in the live performance video of Easy to Praise, filmed at The Legendary Kimbors Pickin Parlor, in Franklin, Tennessee, available on YouTube.

Music and Production

Although Easy to Praise is a guitar driven song, it starts with a piano ostinato under the verse melody. Both up front and in the background, the ostinato recurs throughout the song. The jaunty melody in the versus lead well into the bigger chorus.

The chorus is anthemic with a crunched guitar wall of sound that is energizing and well recorded. Mayberry’s vocals are good, and he keeps the song within its melody structure. He doubles the vocals in the chorus, which provides some variation, but could explore more melodic variation in the overall performance.

Co-written with Bede Benjamin-Korporaal and Nick Herbert, and produced along with Jacob Arnold, the songs writing and production are consistent throughout. Mayberry says it is a, “Worshipful response to all that Jesus has done – how he called us out of the grave, set our feet on solid rock, and gave us a brand new start and his spirit that lives inside each of us.”

Biblical Faithfulness

The theme of God being easy to praise in a song of celebration works well. And, as this is an unapologetic worship-party-song, Mayberry explores that specific aspect of praise using references to our freedom in John 8:36 and Galations 2:20.

One of the most interesting things about praising the Lord is that it is also a sacrifice. Hebrews 13:15 says, “Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise – the fruit of lips that openly profess his name.” To some it would seem a strange dichotomy that praise, something that can overflow from a grateful heart or a response to God’s majesty, could at the same time be a sacrifice. Yet in the Kingdom of God, sacrifice and praise walk hand in hand.

In Easy to Praise Mayberry explores the praise aspect and not the sacrificial aspect, but that is fitting given the theme and purpose of the song. Sometimes praise comes from the overwhelming presence and omnipotence of our God and savior, and sometimes worship is hard, and requires sacrifice; such is the nature of praise.

Final Thoughts

Easy to Praise is a fun celebration. It is a good anthem with energy and drive. It will shine during his live performances and will probably get a lot of radio play.


Great energy.


Could use more melodic variation.

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