Song Review: Your Not Done by Leeland and Charity Gayle

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  • Leeland’s and Charity’s encouragement is sorely needed.
Leeland Charity Gayle You're Not Done Christian Music

The Texas-based duo Leeland has teamed up with Charity Gayle to bring a song of hope and perseverance, You’re Not Done. Originating from Baytown, Texas, Leeland has been on the CCM scene since 2004, and have recently teamed up with other artists like TAYA, and Vanessa Hill. Lead singer Leeland Mooring says, “You’re Not Done doesn’t deny the sorrow and suffering of the human experience, but meets it with the presence of the Author of life.”

Charity Gayle grew up in Buffalo, NY, the daughter of a Pentecostal preacher, and watched her mother lead choirs. She says, “I love harmonies in gospel music. I think about Heaven being full of every type of voice from every nation, finding their part and praising God at the top of their lungs together around the throne.” You can hear more from Charity on The Walk podcast as she talks about contentment, a key component of perseverance.

Worship Function

With a strong gospel feel, You’re Not Done is not a corporate worship song. It comes from God’s point of view, encouraging his followers to persevere. With its more declarative approach, it will fit well as special music during a worship service, but will require some resources as the song’s character relies heavily on the soulful accompaniment.

Music and Production for You’re Not Done

The song starts with the Hammond organ playing basic chords, along with the piano, while the warm bass provides depth. Restrained drums, in the beginning, give the song plenty of room to grow. This soulful appurtenance to the simple but interesting opening melody brings it into the southern gospel stable, and seems to shut the gate behind it, however…

A gospel choir joins in the chorus, giving the song space reminiscent of an orange and red sunset over a dry Texas plain. Then, tube-crunched guitars played with slow-picked arpeggios and easy strums bring a southern rock infusion that blends seamlessly with the organ and piano. The bridge follows the chorus, foreshadowing what’s coming in the song’s climax (more on that later, and no, I will not harp on repetition this time). 

The root chord structure is relatively simple, however, the character of the song relies heavily on the transition chords and instrumentation. This could make it a challenge for some musicians if used as special music in church, but the theme of perseverance makes it worth the challenge.

Charity Gayle Quote Leeland You're Not Done

Lyrics and Accessibility

The song comes from God’s point of view, imploring his children to persevere and rely on him through hard times. The first verse acknowledges the spiritual, and emotional fatigue inherent in the fight for righteousness in a fallen world. Verse two speaks to God’s promise to be our strength and song, and the solid rock his people can anchor to. His promise to never leave or forsake us is spelled out in the final stanza, giving purpose to our hope.

The chorus starts with the lyric, “Child, lift up your eyes, for your help draws nigh.” This best represents the message Leeland and Charity are trying to communicate. Following a close friend’s recovery from near-fatal covid, Mooring says he was sitting at his piano when the lyrics to the bridge, “If you still have breath in your lungs, if you still have breath in your lungs, you’re not done,” came to him. As a song of perseverance, I’m not sure the bridge captures the theme as powerfully as the chorus, however, given the seed of the song comes from the lyrics in the bridge, I can see why they ran with it.

Biblical Faithfulness

Although there are no specific scriptures referenced in the lyrics, the perseverance of the saints is a constant refrain throughout God’s Word. From Jobs prayer on the mound of ashes to David’s Psalms from the caves in the wilderness, to Paul’s letters from prison, to Luke’s exhortations to the church in Revelations; God’s desire for us to persevere during trying times is unquestionable. God’s providence of strength and support never fails, so that our perseverance brings him glory. 

Leeland’s and Charity’s encouragement is sorely needed. Although some will find a song coming from God’s point of view with no specific scriptures awkward or off-putting, true art always has its detractors, and that includes Christian art. 

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Final Thoughts on You’re Not Done

Leeland and Charity Gayle have put forth a soulful, gospel declaration that can and will provide great encouragement for those experiencing struggle. During these times, when God’s truth is being attacked from all sides, there are few who don’t need those encouraging words. 


Great fusion gospel song of perseverance. 


I’m not sure the bridge achieved what was intended.

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