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Song Story: “Behold”

Song Story: “Behold”

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“The empty filled, the wounded healed, the broken back together. The poor are blessed, the weary rest. We will dance forever. Behold what love can do.”

Behold is a life jacket for the drowning as well as a beacon of guidance in the tempest. It is vitally important for us, as worship and prayer leaders, to recount our future hope in all things being made new. Likewise, it is crucial to train ourselves to see the things that God is doing even now: the orphans who are being brought into homes, the slaves set free, and the bodies healed; the unceasing and miraculous cycle of day and night, a songbird’s melody, and the color orange. As we renew our minds and ask God to give us eyes to see his grandeur, our capability to experience and name God’s gifts and glory in our lives will increase. This song calls us to both future hope and present awareness, firmly rooted in our earthly existence while raising our heads toward the heavens. May we never lose sight of what Love can do.

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