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Song Story | “Everlasting Arms” By Brian Doerksen

Song Story | “Everlasting Arms” By Brian Doerksen

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A few years ago, some dear friends of ours entered a season of suffering rooted in injustice. A business partner deceived and defrauded them and brought their company to the brink of bankruptcy. For several years they kept the company afloat by not taking any salary. They managed to stay one step ahead of collapse, borrowing money from family and friends, sometimes trusting God for their next meal and for new clothes when their children grew as the crisis stretched month after month into years. As their friends, we did everything we could to help them practically and stand with them during that long tough season. One day, as I was praying for resolution and recovery, this scripture came to mind: Deut 33:27a “The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.”

I noticed the word ‘underneath’ in a fresh and powerful way. Often, we think of God up in the heavens looking down and causing things. I knew that God wasn’t to blame for their suffering, and I was struck in a fresh way to think of God underneath and sustaining them. What if this was a better way to picture God; underneath us all, carrying us and catching us when we fall. What if underneath all things are the everlasting arms of love?

I walked over to the piano and this song tumbled out – a prayer for my friends and a song of comfort for all who are enduring suffering of any kind.

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