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Song Story | “For The Ones We Love” By Jonas Myrin

Song Story | “For The Ones We Love” By Jonas Myrin

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When Swedish born, Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Jonas Myrin signed his deal with Capitol CMG as a solo artist, he instinctively knew the song people need to hear right now is his heartbreakingly beautiful anthem that he sings titled “For the Ones We Love.”  A truly international affair, the track was co-written by Jonas and Nashville-based songwriter Sam Ellis (Lady A, Ingrid Andress), co-produced in Sweden with Elias Kapari (Kygo, Icona Pop), and features the string orchestrations of Erik Arvinder (Childish Gambino, John Legend), conducting the Stockholm Symphony. Jonas addresses the role of music in these anxiety-ridden times:  “We all need hope right now.  I want to remind people that no matter what we’re facing or going through, we will be okay. With faith in our hearts, anything is possible.” 

The single’s timeless lyrics remind us about the power of unconditional love, “You don’t think twice / To do what’s right. Lay down your pride…Lay down your life… What we do for the ones we love…” The stunning video for the song features Jonas in a dreamlike world sitting by a white grand piano where an angel appears, representing the symbol of the greatest of these is love. 

Crossing many genres, Jonas believes his music has a message for everyone:  “I started the idea ‘For the Ones we Love’ when I was on a tour across the US,” he adds. “I was sitting on my own by a piano in an empty venue, thinking about my loved ones in Sweden. – even though physically being on the other side of the world, I felt them so close in that moment. It’s amazing what you can feel and do when you really love someone. Throughout this pandemic, everything has come full circle and the lyrics in this song about the gift of unconditional love, came alive in a new way.”

“To me, music is a universal language and it’s a way for us to feel connected to something bigger than ourselves, Jonas says. We can all find this kind of love if we are willing to open up our hearts and give it a chance.”

“For me, everything is about being true to the season I am in and trying to let the music flow to reflect that authenticity,” he says. “I want songs to come out of my heart, whether they’re of hope, comfort, doubt, faith, sorrow or healing.  Music, and especially the piano, has been a constant refuge throughout my journey.”

“Wherever we traveled, as the people and places shifted around me, I always found a piano…in a school hall, chapel, some little music studio and at my grandma’s house, and now years later in my own house. Wherever I am, that piano is my home, and whenever I sit down, there’s this feeling of surrender where I feel true peace and fully alive. I never viewed music as a job because it’s always kept me going, and was the healer and friend I could always go to, keeping me strong through all seasons and storms. On my worst day, I can feel the music wash over me and it puts my soul right. I am releasing ‘For the Ones We Love’ as a prayer and offering of hope. I am so grateful to have a fresh platform to share my songs and along with that, an opportunity to hopefully impact people’s lives for the better.”

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