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Song Story “I Will Praise” by Lindy Cofer

Song Story “I Will Praise” by Lindy Cofer

Lindy Cofer

We have been so excited to share our debut album, “Jesus People” from Circuit Rider Music with the world! We live in Huntington Beach, CA and our team is made up of 200+ full-time missionaries and these songs are a reflection of how we have met Jesus. The song “I Will Praise” off our new album was written from a place of declaration and victory from who Jesus is. I remember it like it was yesterday, our team was on a ministry trip to Australia to lead worship, as we were worshipping you could feel the faith rising! As we started singing spontaneously this whole chorus bursted out, “FOREVER ALL MY DAYS, NOTHING CAN STEAL MY PRAISE! I WILL PRAISE YOU! I WILL PRAISE YOU.”

In scripture it tells us that “Nothing separates us from the love of God.” (Rom.8:39). It felt like this scripture came alive in a new way when we sang this out. This isn’t just a good idea or recommendation in scripture, it’s the truth and the truth sets us free. We sang this over and over and over and it felt like strongholds were hitting the ground as we reminded ourselves through song that nothing can steal our praise! We are sealed with he promised Holy Spirit and though trial may come and hard times will press upon us, no weapon formed against us will prosper! We are eternally the Lord’s and nothing can steal our praise.

When we went to finish the song, we let this truth sit in our hearts and that is where the verses came from. “Thank you for your faithfulness, you’ve clothed us in your righteousness. No weapon formed against me can prosper, I’m held by my defender and my Father!” I MEAN, COME ON! THIS NEVER EVER GETS OLD. We get fired up about the simple truths in scripture bearing fruit in our every day lives. The more we live from a place of knowing we are held by our defender and Father, the more we live with a peace that surpasses our understanding.

So as you listen to this song and lead it in your congregations, our prayer is that this declaration would cause a faith to rise up in you that daily reminds you that NOTHING separates you from the love of God!

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