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Song Story: “Tell It Again” By Lydia Ingegneri

Song Story: “Tell It Again” By Lydia Ingegneri

Lydia Ingegneri

“Tell It Again” by Lydia Ingegneri is a fresh Christmas song with a timeless feel. It was co-written in 2017 by Scott Ingegneri, Dustin Smith, and Michael Farren at a Christmas songwriters retreat. This song was birthed on the last day of the writers retreat and was the song worth waiting for! As the writers conversed about what their final writing session should be about, the concept of telling the simple and powerful story of Jesus’ birth became the focal point.

The central message is all about telling boldly, again and again, the gospel story centered on the redemption of Christ Jesus. The song takes the listener on a descriptive journey. The verse lyrics paint a picture of things that easily fall short in comparison to the power of Jesus’ birth and His arrival on earth. The chorus soars with a message of hope and redemption while the bridge declares the praise and glory due to Christ, and Him alone. “Tell It Again” is a song of hope, praise and honor to the one true King!

Upon hearing the song, Lydia knew she wanted to record and release it to the world. “When I first heard this song I knew it was something so special; something different than anything I’d heard before. The melody and lyrics captured me right away. I kept singing the hook over and over again and every time I would sing it I would experience the presence of God! I pray this song becomes a classic Christmas song that is sung for generations to come,” Lydia says.

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