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“Stand In Your Love” Song Story with Josh Baldwin

“Stand In Your Love” Song Story with Josh Baldwin

Josh Baldwin

Standing Firm in the Love of Jesus: The Story of “Stand In Your Love”

"Stand In Your Love" Josh BaldwinIn the landscape of modern worship, few songs capture the heart’s battle and triumph over fear like Josh Baldwin’sStand In Your Love.”* This song, which emerged from Baldwin’s own spiritual journey, has become a staple in worship gatherings, carrying a message that resonates deeply with the struggles and triumphs of faith.

Josh Baldwin’s intimate recounting of the song’s genesis reveals a universal narrative. Written half a decade prior, the song embodies Baldwin’s most-led worship experience. But it isn’t just the frequency of its performance that marks the significance of “Stand In Your Love”; it is the collective encounter it ushers in each time the opening chords are struck.

“Stand In Your Love” emerges as a rallying cry, a reminder that the fears we face are not ours to fight alone. Baldwin speaks of fear as a common adversary, one that the enemy wields with tenacity. Yet, as he observes worshippers joining in unity, he is reminded—and in turn, reminds us—that in the presence of Christ’s love, fear loses its grip.

The act of worship, of singing this song, becomes an act of defiance against fear’s attempt to claim dominion over our lives. Baldwin’s reflections take on a Pauline echo, reminiscent of the Apostle’s words to the Romans, where he speaks of the love of Christ that separates us from all tribulations (Romans 8:35-39). Baldwin encourages worshippers to recall the victorious resurrection power of Jesus, which has rendered fear powerless and without authority.

A Personal Reflection

I’m not the only one that has fears. There’s people sitting next to you that are going through things. We’re all coming in together and we all are reminding each other. That as we sing, as we stand firm in the love of Jesus, that the fear, it has no power. It has no authority over us because of what he did. – – Josh Baldwin

As Baldwin poignantly points out, this song is more than a personal anthem; it is a communal proclamation. It is in the shared voices and the gathered body of believers where the song’s truth is amplified, where individual whispers of hope become a thunderous declaration of faith.

The Call to Worship Leaders and Singers

Baldwin’s message to those who lead “Stand In Your Love” is one of encouragement and commission. Whether you are a worship leader guiding a congregation or a solitary believer lifting your voice in private devotion, this song is a call to remember the identity and victory of Christ. It is a call to let this remembrance be your strength, allowing the truth of who Jesus is to resonate within you and through you.

“Stand In Your Love” is not merely a song; it is a testament to the transformative power of Jesus’s love against fear. Josh Baldwin has not only penned a melody but has also given voice to a spiritual battle cry for this generation. May each of us, as we lead or sing, be reminded of the love that has called us out of fear and into freedom.

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