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Steve & Shawn New Album: Faithful

Steve & Shawn New Album: Faithful

Steve Reed

Artist: steve & shawn | Album: FAITHFUL | Learn More:

When your story starts in Silt, Colorado it better be good! When Steve and Shawn Reed started their ministry they took the long road home that led them to Nashville, Tennessee. Their first full new album since the 2010, Who We Are, Faithful was birthed out of trusting in God and traveling where that would lead them as they trekked across the world. The opening tune “You Remain” is the perfect introduction to this album and the Celtic accents and creative rhythms is fun and catchy and obviously the seasoned foundation of a duo comfortable with leading worship. “Faithful to Me” with acoustic guitar and just a hint of country take you back to simpler times with a James Taylor vibe that is both sincere and authentic. When this duet blends their voices there is a touch of magic that fades into “Hide Myself” which Shawn carries with her beautiful vocal range that never exhausts the listener by over-performing. “Bless the Lord” is a standout on this project that uses sweet subtleties that never compromise the message and almost begs for the duet to step outside of the box and let go. “Your Life” which is a family affair – kids and all with banjo arpeggios that are priceless and showcase the real potential of Steve and Shawn.

Faithful does have a story to tell that is worth listening to and Steve & Shawn deliver with worship that is authentic and flows from start to finish. “Here’s My Heart” is another noteworthy song that is a well-written heartfelt ballad inviting to be covered. The music and lyrics have a balance that is complete and what remains is for you to come on their journey and hear the rest of their story.

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