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Harmony of Patience: Unpacking Terrian’s Debut “Give It Time”

Harmony of Patience: Unpacking Terrian’s Debut “Give It Time”

Joshua Swanson
Terrian Give It Time Album Review Blog

In a world often rushed and cluttered with fleeting trends, the debut full-length album “Give It Time” by Terrian, a cherished voice within the Gotee Records family, emerges as a beacon of reflective patience and profound musicality. Released on January 29, 2024, this album marks a significant milestone in Terrian’s journey, intertwining her vibrant pop and R&B sensibilities with the foundational gospel tones of her upbringing.

“Give It Time” is not merely an album; it’s a narrative woven with the threads of waiting, trust, and divine timing. Terrian herself encapsulates the essence of this project, stating,

“I’ve been living with open hands and trusting the Lord’s timing. That’s what this whole album is about – waiting.”

This ethos is palpably felt throughout the album, inviting listeners into a space of contemplation and hope.

Moving Up The Charts

The album features an eclectic mix of tracks, including the Top 25 single “Big God” and the evocative “Honestly, We Just Need Jesus,” which has already graced the Top 30 on Billboard Christian Airplay and Mediabase Christian Impressions charts. Its title track, alongside these singles, paints a vivid picture of Terrian’s artistry and her ability to convey profound messages through her music.

The collaborative spirit of “Give It Time” is noteworthy, with guest appearances from industry stalwarts like TobyMac, who also lends his expertise as a co-producer, Aaron Cole, and Joshua Aaron. The producing credits list reads like a who’s who of contemporary Christian music, featuring Joel Setien, Jordan Mohilowski, Kyle Williams, and Micah Kuiper, each bringing their unique flavor to the project.

Patience and Growth

Terrian’s journey to this debut has been marked by patience and growth. Since signing with Gotee Records in 2017, she has meticulously honed her craft, leading to this moment of fruition. Her previous accolades, including being named Pandora’s Artist to Watch in 2021 and achieving a No. 1 on the Billboard Hot AC/CHR chart with “Light It Up,” underscore her evolving legacy in the music industry.

As “Give It Time” makes its way into the hearts and playlists of listeners, Terrian continues to share her gift on the “TobyMac Hits Deep Tour” alongside luminaries like Cory Asbury, Mac Powell, Tasha Layton, and Jon Reddick. This tour not only celebrates her album release but also reinforces her connection with her audience, bringing the messages of her music to life on stage.

“Give It Time” by Terrian is a testament to the beauty of artistic maturation and the power of faith-filled patience. It stands as a hallmark of Terrian’s journey, showcasing her depth as an artist and her commitment to her message. As we delve into this album, may we too embrace the virtue of waiting, finding solace in the promise that, in time, all things will unfold as they should.


  1. Big God: Uplifting and powerful anthem celebrating God’s greatness and unwavering presence.
  2. Matthew 5: Introspective track reflecting on the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 5, finding strength and hope in humility and compassion.
  3. Hold Me Up (Papa-lude): Short, heartfelt interlude offering a prayer-like plea for God’s support.
  4. Give It Time: The title track, a message of trust and patience, encouraging surrender and finding peace in God’s timing.
  5. It’s All Good (feat. Aaron Cole): Upbeat and reassuring duet, acknowledging struggles while reminding that ultimately, things will be okay with faith.
  6. Honestly, We Just Need Jesus: Vulnerable and honest ballad pleading for God’s guidance and acknowledging our dependence on him.
  7. Feel It All: A journey through emotions, embracing both joy and pain, finding comfort in expressing everything authentically.
  8. Hope Road (feat. TobyMac): Collaborative track radiating optimism, believing in a brighter future and the power of hope.
  9. Just Give Me You: Simple and sincere offering, seeking intimacy and connection with God above all else.
  10. He Sees You: Gentle reassurance that God understands and cares for each individual, offering comfort and security.
  11. Forever Holy (feat. Joshua Aaron): A majestic duet worshipping God’s holiness and ever-lasting presence.
  12. Worth the Wait: Reflective closing track acknowledging the challenges of waiting but ultimately trusting that God’s promises hold value and purpose.

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