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Thanksgiving VS Christmas – Which Is the BEST Holiday?

Thanksgiving VS Christmas – Which Is the BEST Holiday?

Joshua Swanson
  • Which holiday is your favorite!?

There’s always been an intense (not really, made that up) debate amongst worship leaders over which holiday is the BEST holiday; Thanksgiving or Christmas.

In this video we asked some of our Worship Leaders to answer this important question and tell us a few stories surrounding why they felt the way they did.

We included:

– – Darlene Zschech
– – Ryan Kennedy
– – Evan Craft
– – Patrick Mayberry
– – Christine D’Clario
– – Charity Gayle
– – Bridge Worship
– – Sarah Reeves
– – Benjamin William Hastings
– – Jordan St. Cyr
– – Justin Warren

Please comment below! We would love to hear your thoughts on this important issue!

While there is no clear consensus on which holiday is better, it’s evident that both Christmas and Thanksgiving have their own unique charms. Ultimately, the best holiday is the one that brings you the most joy and meaning.

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Christmas VS Thanksgiving Transcription


So, let’s jump right into this with some controversial stuff. If you don’t feel comfortable answering this it’s fine. Okay, okay. Christmas or Thanksgiving, which is your favorite? I gotta say Christmas. Why? Because you’re Christian? Because I’m a Christian? Is that why you had to say Christmas? Just because it’s Christmas, it’s magical. It’s cozy. I love all the magical vibes, family vibes.”

And I love giving gifts. I love Christmas trees. I mean, I released a Christmas album last year, so that’s why I have to say Christmas… but no. Legally, legally I have to say…

Both just put them together. Both? Celebrate both. All season long.

Christmas is my favorite. Absolutely. When I was a kid, I lived in New York growing up and every Thanksgiving I would have the worst allergies or cold or whatever. So Thanksgiving was never fun. I was thankful, of course.

Oh, Christmas 100%. Charity loves Christmas, and so it’s all year for us. We’re getting ready for it. If there’s a Christmas store in any city we go into, we have to get something.

Oh, Christmas, for sure.

Australian Christmas. So we’re always at the beach. So- which is very different for you guys.

Christmas, because in Ireland we don’t have Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is my favorite. Thanksgiving’s my favorite because there’s no expectation to do anything other than eat and sleep.

Oh, gosh. Forever and ever. All my life, I would say 100% Christmas, but I’m not going to lie as I’m getting older, Thanksgiving’s getting sweeter and sweeter. But we’ll say Christmas. I mean, there’s- that’s- that is a clear… there’s a clear wrong answer. And it’s Thanksgiving. It’s Christmas, as I’m saying it. Yeah, forget what I said. Cut! Start over! Christmas.

Christmas hands down, like we do, “It’s cold outside,” in my house in July. Yes.

Oh, Christmas, for sure.

But look, truly, you know, what I love about Christmas is that it’s like God pulls back the canopy of heaven and the whole Earth is singing the scripture, whether you’re a believer or not, you know, people are gathered singing, “Oh, come let us adore him,” and I melt because some people don’t love that. But I go, Do you know what? The Holy Spirit will use anything to touch the heart of a human being? I think that part of Christmas is miraculous.

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