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The Gray Havens New Album: She Waits

The Gray Havens New Album: She Waits

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Artist: THE GRAY HAVENS | Album: SHE WAITS | Learn More:

The Gray Havens are a husband and wife duet with She Waits being a follow-up to their first album, Fire and Stone from 2015. “She Waits” the title track opens this fascinating project with piano and synth drones that create a quirky tone that are fun and engaging. The subtle techno vibe and creative production tells a story and turns and twists in ways that is brazenly independent and refreshing. The spirited “High Enough” with authentic rap by Propaganda is a lyrical gem with hip-hop accents that are genuine and connect. “Return” and “Not Home Yet” have a smooth almost Celtic vibe and continues the narrative.

David and Licia Radford are a force with She Waits and “Forever” reminds the listener that sometimes you need to not only step outside the box but leap in new directions that set trends and appeal to those outside the typical four walls. This four-star album is a treasure and a real pass it on project that has viral threaded all through this tapestry of hits and wonders and wore out the repeat button on my player. Noteworthy is also “Three Birds of Babylon” and “See You Again” which uses the power of storylines to build and bond this project from start to finish. Hang outside the box and give this addictive album a listen and you will definitely return for more.

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