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Vineyard Soul New Album: Generous God

Vineyard Soul New Album: Generous God

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Vineyard Worship has a legacy of live worship collaborations that are as diverse as they are reverent. The collaborations seem to stretch music and lyrics across boundaries and make them fit a time and season with a distinct clarity of voice and instrumentation. Now Vineyard Soul has released their second project that features assorted voices from a myriad of multi-ethnic Vineyard churches. “Generous God” lead by Tina Colón-Williams answers the call from the opening bell with tempered power and is smooth and rich. “We are Hungry” with an organ and guitar intro right out of the 70s is mesmerizing and builds like a titanic wave with warmth and urgency. The vocal arrangement lead by Joshua Miller is contemporary and nostalgic in ways that make the production second to none.

“Slow to Anger” pays homage to the late Andrae Crouch and captures the listener’s ear with subtle accents that embody R&B and gospel in a modern way with exquisite string arrangements and leads into the anthem “When We Call Your Name.” The flow of passion is non-stop throughout this project and “Form Us” is another standout with a beautiful vocal arrangement with engaging background vocals that will without a doubt set a trend with balance between power and restraint. Vineyard Soul is most appealing in its ability to stay true to the Vineyard brand while forging new ground and doing it with soul and boldness.

This project captures a fresh sound that interweaves traditional tunes with new inspirations and is never too familiar. “Above all else” captures this formula with perfection. The brilliance of Generous God is great arrangements, fresh voices and powerful songwriting that puts vocal clarity out front and asks us to have Sunday morning worship every day. To this five star album “We Say Yes” from ballads to anthems give them a listen.

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