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Worship on the Front Lines: An Interview with Sean Feucht

Worship on the Front Lines: An Interview with Sean Feucht

Joshua Swanson
  • Sean Feucht's work represents a provocative and deeply committed approach to worship, challenging believers to engage their faith actively and courageously in the world.

In a powerful display of unity and defiance against rising antisemitism, hundreds of people marched through the streets of Los Angeles, California, this week. The march, part of the “United for Israel” rally hosted by Washington-based Pursuit Church and Sean Feucht’s “Let Us Worship,” took place at the University of Southern California (USC). Amidst troubling times for many college campuses across America, this inter-faith gathering sent a resounding message of “Never Again!” and “Jewish Hate Must Go!” through Christian, Jewish, and Muslim voices together. This event follows a similar, large-scale rally at Columbia University and marks a significant stance against the antisemitism infecting educational institutions nationwide.

In this enlightening conversation, I sat down with dynamic worship leader and ministry leader Sean Feucht. We delved into the revolutionary ways Sean integrates worship with activism, reaching across the globe to combat societal and spiritual challenges.

Sean explains his three ministries:

BURN 24-7: A global prayer and worship movement started from his college dorm that aims to ignite perpetual worship and prayer worldwide.
Light A Candle: This ministry rescues children from trafficking in India and aids refugees in war-torn regions, living out the motto, “Don’t curse the darkness, but light a candle.”
Let Us Worship: Initiated during the pandemic, this movement calls for Christians to practice their faith boldly and publicly, leading to the largest recorded church service in 2020 on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

Discover how Sean uses worship as a powerful tool against evil, supports the Jewish community against anti-Semitism, and mentors the next generation of worship leaders. This interview is a must-watch for anyone passionate about the intersection of faith, worship, and social action.

Worship as Activism

"Bold" by Sean FeuchtFeucht passionately articulates a vision of worship not just as a spiritual practice confined to church walls but as an active force against societal evils. This notion of “activating worship” challenges the traditional view within some Christian communities where worship is often seen as purely contemplative. Feucht’s experiences, from street corners to war zones, underscore his belief that worship should be a dynamic and transformative engagement with the world, embodying the spirit of the songs sung in churches.

His narrative is filled with personal anecdotes from his activities, including standing against anti-Semitism at Columbia University, where Christian worshippers supported Jewish students against hostility, opening new channels of dialogue and support within the Jewish community. These experiences have profoundly influenced his songwriting, shifting from conventional worship music to songs that embody spiritual warfare and empowerment.

Mentorship and Encouragement

Feucht also touches on his role as a mentor to a new generation of worship leaders whom he describes as “nameless and faceless,” emphasizing the importance of authenticity and personal growth over fame. He encourages worship leaders to engage directly with the world’s pain and suffering, suggesting that they step out of their comfort zones to see the transformative power of worship in the most challenging environments.

A Call to Prayer

As the interview concludes, Feucht* shares a personal note about the sacrifices involved in his ministry, such as missing significant family moments. He asks for prayers for his family and team, emphasizing the personal costs of his global ministry and the continuous need for spiritual and community support.


Sean Feucht’s work represents a provocative and deeply committed approach to worship, challenging believers to engage their faith actively and courageously in the world. Through his ministries, he not only provides aid and comfort to those in dire situations but also redefines the potential of worship as a powerful catalyst for change and hope.

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