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Yair Levi’s Journey from Artist to Advocate to IDF Major – Part 2

Yair Levi’s Journey from Artist to Advocate to IDF Major – Part 2

Joshua Swanson

In this second installment of our insightful three-part series, we continue to explore the life of Yair Levi, an Orthodox Jewish Worship Leader in Israel. This segment focuses on a powerful video recorded at the “Raise Up! Nashville Sings For Peace” concert, revealing new dimensions of Yair’s character as an artist, advocate, and soldier. Amid the ongoing conflict in Israel, which has reshaped lives and narratives over the past few months, Yair stands as a poignant symbol of resilience and hope. His commitment to his nation’s defense, coupled with his artistic endeavors, offers a unique perspective rarely encountered in the American context. As we delve deeper into his story, we remain fervently hopeful for peace in Jerusalem, the safety of all involved, and the harmonious coexistence of diverse communities in the region.

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Raise Up! Nashville Sings for Peace

At the “Raise Up! Nashville Sings For Peace” concert held at Belmont Church on October 24, 2023, Yair Levi, an Orthodox Jewish Worship Leader and former IDF soldier, took the stage with a message blending somber realities with a call to unity and hope. Levi, who had recently arrived from Israel, shared heart-wrenching stories from his homeland, illustrating the human cost of ongoing conflict.

The Trauma for the People of Israel

One story involved a mother whose two sons were kidnapped and taken to Gaza, a situation largely ignored by mainstream media despite its devastating impact. Moved to tears, Levi spoke of his plans to use his social media platform to amplify her story. Another harrowing tale described two young boys witnessing the murder of their father, with one child pleading for his own life to end in the aftermath – a stark portrayal of the trauma inflicted on the youngest victims of violence.

Levi’s presence in Nashville, despite being on reserve duty with an elite unit in Israel, underscored his commitment to sharing these stories with a global audience. He emphasized the disproportionate challenges faced by the Jewish community in disseminating these narratives, citing the vast difference in population size compared to their adversaries and the limitations imposed by social media algorithms.

The Global Spiritual Significance of This War

Highlighting a verse from Genesis, “I will bless those who bless you and those who curse you I will curse,” Levi framed the situation in Israel as not just a regional issue but a matter of global spiritual significance. He urged the audience to support Israel, not solely out of sympathy for its suffering, but as a fulfillment of what he sees as a Biblical prophecy and divine mandate.

In a bid to foster unity and harness the power of music for peace, Levi announced the creation of a new song, inspired by the same Biblical prophecy. He invited the artists present at the event to collaborate on this project, aiming to use music as a tool to bless the world and reinforce the connection between Jews and Christians.

Levi concluded his poignant speech by inviting the audience to stand and join him in singing “Hatikvah,” the Israeli national anthem, symbolizing hope and resilience amidst adversity.

This event and Levi’s message reflect the ongoing complexities and deep-seated emotions surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. His call for unity and action through music underscores the potential of art to transcend boundaries and bring people together in pursuit of peace.

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How To Support Israel

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