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Yair Levy’s Journey from Artists to Advocate to IDF Major – Part 3

Yair Levy’s Journey from Artists to Advocate to IDF Major – Part 3

Joshua Swanson
In this final chapter of our three-part series on Yair Levi, we turn to a poignant video recorded in Tel Aviv’s Midron Yaffo Park. This segment offers an intimate glimpse into the life of Levi, an Orthodox Jewish Worship Leader who embodies the roles of artist, advocate, and soldier amidst Israel’s ongoing conflict. This video captures a critical moment in Yair’s journey, where he reflects on his recent return to the Israeli Defense Forces as a reservist and his experiences in Gaza. His story, marked by the convergence of music, faith, and military duty, provides a unique insight into the challenges faced by those in a nation grappling with constant threats. As we conclude this series, our thoughts and prayers continue to focus on the hope for peace in Jerusalem, the safety of all involved in the conflict, and the resilience of communities affected by these tumultuous times.
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In a moving and candid video recorded at Midron Yaffo Park in Tel Aviv on December 12, 2023, Yair Levi, a former Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Major and a reservist in the Israeli equivalent of the Navy SEALs, shared his profound experiences from the frontlines of conflict. Holding his guitar, a symbol of his dual identity as a musician and soldier, Levi recounted the realities of war and his commitment to his nation’s defense.

During the recent conflict, Levi described the heightened tension and fear that permeated Israeli streets, as Israeli Arabs began targeting individuals in uniform or those appearing Jewish. His immediate reaction was to protect his family, instructing them to stay indoors while he vigilantly guarded their home.

Human Shields

Levi addressed the controversial use of human shields, a tactic he witnessed firsthand. He recounted how enemy forces would send children into the streets before opening fire from concealed locations. While acknowledging that some people were coerced into these roles, he also noted that others volunteered, presenting a complex and harrowing battlefield scenario.

Avoiding Civilian Casualties

Emphasizing the moral and ethical standards ingrained in Israeli soldiers from a young age, Levi affirmed their commitment to avoiding civilian casualties. He expressed pride in the IDF’s conduct, especially in special operations units like his own, where he observed high levels of motivation and unity among troops from diverse backgrounds.

The Importance of Christian Support of Israel

Levi also spoke about the broader international context, highlighting the support he has seen from the Christian community worldwide. He stressed the importance of this support, particularly as Israel faces increasing external pressure and potential calls for military restraint. He urged friends and allies abroad to help by sharing the truth about the situation and influencing decision-makers in their respective countries.

Yair Levi’s testimony not only sheds light on the complexities of modern warfare but also illustrates the challenging balance he maintains as an artist, advocate, and soldier. His plea for understanding and support goes beyond political discourse, appealing to a sense of shared humanity and the need for honest representation of events on the ground.

Yair Sings A Blessing

Yair Levi then offered a heartfelt rendition of a sacred prayer, resonating with the historical and contemporary struggles of his people. Standing with his guitar in hand, he introduced the prayer “El Na Refa Na La,” a plea for healing that Moses once uttered for his sister, Miriam. In a solemn and emotive tone, Yair extended this ancient supplication beyond its traditional context, dedicating it to the soldiers and the injured around Gaza. Encouraging the audience to join him, he gently guided them through the simple, yet profound, five words of the prayer. His voice, imbued with sincerity and hope, became a bridge connecting the past and present, invoking divine intervention for peace and healing in a land long familiar with conflict.

Pastor Nathan Herrington Prays for Yair

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