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Beyond Beats: Zauntee’s “We Already Won” Is Worship

Beyond Beats: Zauntee’s “We Already Won” Is Worship

Joshua Swanson
We Already Won Zauntee Album Review Blog

In our latest exploration of the diverse musical landscapes that don’t typically get labeled as “worship music”, we delve into the electrifying full-length album “We Already Won*” by Zauntee, released under BEC Recordings. With a pulse firmly rooted in the domain of rap, Zauntee strides beyond the conventional boundaries of worship leadership, weaving a tapestry of sounds that champions the cause of glorifying God through every beat and lyric.

We Already Won ZaunteeThe album, a collection of 20 tracks, stands as a monumental achievement in Zauntee’s musical journey. Among its offerings, “God Had Other Plans” shines brightly, having secured the No. 1 spot on the Hot Chart for an impressive three weeks this year, while “Hard Work God First” captured the zeitgeist, trending within the Top 20 on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Before the album’s official release, seven of its tracks had already amassed over 13.5 million streams, a testament to Zauntee’s growing influence and the palpable anticipation surrounding his work.

“We Already Won” is not merely an album; it is a clarion call to the go-getters, the dreamers, the underdogs who harbor visions of victory. Zauntee’s music, characterized by its triumphant and motivational essence, is a beacon of hope. His beats are not just heard but felt, propelling listeners through a journey of empowerment and encouragement. As Zauntee himself puts it, the album embodies a “triumphant” spirit, marked by an “intense, but hopeful intense” energy that seeks to elevate and inspire.

Emerging from Tampa, Florida, Zauntee’s life has been steeped in music from a tender age. With an innate talent for producing, creating, and writing, his passion for God, music, and people knows no bounds. This album, as Zauntee reflects, is the fruition of a lifelong dream, a celebration of divine possibility, and a reminder that God can use anyone for greatness.

City is Mine ZaunteeThe music video for “The City is Mine,” released alongside the album, encapsulates the spirit of Zauntee’s message. Described as a blend of Rocky Balboa’s resilience, the thrill of Super Bowl Sunday, and the triumph of a last-minute comeback, it serves as a visual anthem for all who dare to dream and fight for their victories.

In the realm of worship music, where the echoes of traditional hymns meet the beats of contemporary sounds, Zauntee’s “We Already Won” is a compelling reminder that worship transcends genre. It’s a testament to the fact that all forms of music can serve to glorify God, inviting us to see beyond the conventional, to a place where every note and lyric lifts high the name of the Almighty.

Let us celebrate the diversity of God’s creation through the art of music, remembering that in Him, we have indeed already won.

Track List

  1. The City is Mine
  1. Do It Too
  1. Blessed & Chosen
  1. MVP Freestyle
  1. I See Lights
  1. No Runners Up
  1. Hard Work God First
  1. God Had Other Plans
  1. Wartime
  1. Aftermath
  1. Read It and Weep
  1. What I Think About
  1. Spirit’s Interlude
  1. Lost My Breath
  1. The Power of Power
  1. My World
  1. Hero That I Needed
  1. One Step At A Time
  1. If It Wasn’t For You
  1. We Already Won

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